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Architectural, Structural and Utilities Planning and Design

We at service, are proud to introduce our expert team of architecture and design professionals who can assist and secure the clients of our competency to systematically manage whatever necessary for planning and designing your every contemporary home ideas. Our unique approach emphasizes a design that fits your specification and operation requirement, so you can take pride in attractive projects from residencial and commercial establishments without sacrificing the efficiency, that is key to your bottom line. We will ensure the success of every aspect of your project as we give close attention to your detail through preparing clear, concise and properly detailed working documents resulting to a complete plans for permit and construction. Our experience in planning and decision making prior to construction and our knowledge of new and traditional materials used in construction today can provide you with an inexpensive way to view several different design concepts. It is our dedication to ensure that our clients are happy and to keep that we are always available for follow up questions before and during construction.

Restoration and Renovation

From experience, construction, restoration and elaboration of old houses, mansions and churches requires a remarkable expertise for heritage and conventional art and designing techniques that are basically practiced by the constructors in early times. We at service, are proud to specialize in restoration and renovation works of various classical and luxurious houses and establishment styles of your desire. We can assist with facility additions, plan upgrades and line change-outs down the road. We group a team of people with excellent hands-on experience to create, build and transform an appealing, functional, comfortable home and bring them to your satisfaction. Our hard work and dedication to completing the project to our client’s delight or any other project/s of a bigger magnitude, is our main goal. We personally work on each project and take pride from start to finish. Any questions or concerns of the home owner or the project you may have about it, can be answered by us. It is our pleasure working with each and everyone's dream. We assure to make every home into a fortress.

Interior Planning, Design and Construction

We provides expert interior design and planning services for residential and commercial applications. Our practiced approach in all aspects of interior construction, is our pleasure to contribute in your interior planning and design as well as working to bring a cllient/s dream to a reality. You may also request us to assist and share to your architect any useful and artistic guidelines on house furnishing and ornamentation.

We work meticulously with the client's ideas and desires, and bring together the materials for creative new designs. Our well versed team of people will secure our clients of our competency to administer from planning, choosing of style and building, source and supplying through our distinctive Ancestral Building Materials and even its construction and installation. We help enhance and build your home with great sophistication and we mix and match pieces such as beams, flooring, walls, bricks stones and etc, compares to no other materials on the market today. It is our passion to achieve fulfillment for our labor of love for heritage and craftsmanship and appreciate the project accomplished according your specifications.

Demolition and Salvaging of Old Buildings

We painstakingly disassemble and demolish unwanted or structurally unsound houses and buildings which are no longer can be ameliorated, and therefore bring their components back to life. In most cases, the materials we reclaimed are no longer available presently. The width, the tight the grain, the stability and the outstanding durability of all these ancestral building materials attributes can't be found in today's market. We clean and revitalize these old ancestral building materials such as beams, planks, adobe, bricks, tiles and so many more, so homeowners, architects, constructors and other builders as well designers can take advantage of the richness of their usefulness and eventually help them create unique and distinctive construction styles and designs.

Buy and Sell of Ancestral Building Materials

As we call it “ANCESTRAL BUILDING MATERIALS”, are apparently the reclaimed materials which were used over a hundred years ago for the traditional architecture and constructions. We at service, are proud to specialize on bringing these ancient materials to the new generation. We buy and sell a full range of ancestral building materials, cautiously reclaimed from old and unsound houses, mansions, churches and etc. We carry a handsome collection and extensive inventory of all salvaged materials including, hardwood lumbers in posts and planks, flooring, architectural components like wall panelling, doors, window, staircase, clay bricks , terracotta roof and floor tiles, exotic and natural stone pavers like piedra china, cobblestone, pande unan, adobe, and also, wooden columns, mantels, cast iron gates, tin ceiling panels, lighting fixtures, and stained and beveled glass and so many more. The quality of these materials are prime for its durability and character. You can assure that utilizing ANCESTRAL BUILDING MATERIALS is creative, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Harwood Floorings has been used for centuries. It has an outstanding natural beauty that varies between each individual species of lumber in its own unique way. As your number one floor installation partner we consider floors are no exception when refurbishing your home or business. Our main goal is to provide customers with the best flooring services available; and our flooring services and contractors have been synonymous with superior quality. The offering of our centuries old hardwood floors will represent the largest expanse of colour or pattern in every home. While the grand services we provide makes the best combination for an entire floor makeover which will surely make you discover the impact of a wooden floor when it comes to giving your home a feeling of warmth and life. Whether you want to choose a light and airy atmosphere, or maybe something more discreet and calm with a darker wood, let yourself be inspired and get started on enhancing your ideal flooring.

Our dedication is to developing skilled craftmanship, offering diversity and quality in the range of flooring lumbers, and insurpassable customer care. Specialising in the installation, floor refurbushment and supply of hardwood flooring, we ensure to provide the right flooring -finish that will match your needs. We make sure that you will be pleased with our labor and effort in giving you flooring services Your trust in us is our primary concern as we accomplish floor installations with care. We create a floor that compliments the furnishings and the whole feel of the space, as well as enhancing the unique personality of the room as a whole.You could be positive that whatever amount you spend will never go to waste whether you are looking for durability, brilliance or stylishness in your home, you’re certain to find it with us! Prompt service is our dedication, together with superiority and finer customer relations. Do not hesitate to contact us and check out our hardwood flooring installation.

Restoring, Refinishing Old Hardwood Floors

Today many are discovering what could be the showpiece of any older home; beautiful hardwood floors. How old are they? Can they be refurbished to their original appearance is often the thought on many new homeowner's minds.
Many older hardwood floors offered higher quality hardwoods such as old growth and quarter sawn material. Old growth was harvested from trees much older than what they mill today as many areas are now protected from lumbering. These types of floors show a much tighter grain pattern due to their age and the number of growth rings. Our expertise and knowledge in hardwood wooden floor restoration and wooden floor repairs sets us apart from others.

Your wooden floors are a valuable asset and deserve the best that is available. We follow a systematic procudure in various degrees of sanding and us oils, waxes, seals and other floor dressings to enhance the wood-grain and protect the surface. You can be confident that, with our years of practical experience that will have a solution to all your hard floor restoration and cleaning requirements.. We would always recommend that an experienced team of craftman such as ours would be engaged, especially for the final finishing of a reclaimed floor.The service we render is accordingly on the most suitable floor finish which will be most suited to your needs taking full account of your floor type, your living environment and of course your own personal preference. It is also our believe that thorugh undertaking restoration preparations makes the completion of our work within a reasonable time, thereby minimising any inconvenience to the household or business.

Wood Floor Sanding Services

This is an expertise brought about our rich experience with the the the restoration and offering of Ancestral Building Materials. Our great knowledge with the lumbers and its characteristics is a factor that makes us specialize to bring them at its best. We offer sanding and finishing services to newly installed and even to existing hardwood floors, such as narra, ipil, saplungan, balayong, yakal, molave, malatumbaga, tindalo, narig, wooden parquet flooring and other specialty floors. Our premier floor sanding service and floor finishing procedures includes sanding, staining, and the application of an easy-maintenance wax or polyurethane finish. Our use of the advance in technology machine makes finishing your hardwood floors in best quality and easier than ever. We have qualified and professional people to sanding jobs to enhance the lifetime beauty of wooden floors in any types. More than our procedure for sanding and finishing, we understand the importance of proper care and maintenance as we provide all of our customers with the proper cleaning products and a helpful list of maintenance tips.

Termite and Pest Control Treatments

We provide an effective program treatments for the protection of any establishments from inhabiting pests and termite infestations and bring about expert skill and judgment based upon professional training and extensive field-work experience in pest and termite control in a wide variety of circumstances. We require a complete thorough inspection of the structures and surrounds for termite and pest infestation, and prepare a detailed written report on areas inspected which may show evidence found of termite or pest activity and the extent of its infestation, to determine high risk and potential termite and pest entries and habitat locations, and provide a comprehensive termite and pest control methods and options. We have professional exterminators who only use specialized equipment in any type of pest and on termite control procedures. Great results are achieved safer and effectively with the use of a variety of insecticide formulations depending upon the condition. In any termite and pest control service that we deliver, we ensure a competent inspection from time to time to monitor if the problem persists and we conduct re-treatments at no extra cost until the termites and pest are prevented from creating serious infestations.
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