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Borneo [ 12" x 12" ]
Pan de Unan [ 5" x 8" ]
Blue Pavers [ 4" x 4" ]
Cobblestone [ assorted ]
Venetian Cobblestone [ 5" x 5" ]
Borneo [ 6" x 12" ]
Piedra China [ 24" x 24" ]
Blue Pavers [ assorted ]
Red Pavers [ 5" x 5" ]
Pan de Unan [ 6" x 12" ]
Roman Pavers [ assorted ]
Granite Pavers [ assorted ]
Gray Adobe [ 12" x 12" x 16" ]
Gray Adobe [ 12" x 12" x 24" ]
Gray Adobe [ 12" x 12" x 36" ]
Our natural stones in stock are Piedra China, Pan de Unan, Cobblestone, Adobe, Borneo, Escrombo are recovered from old buildings which are originally extracted from plentiful deposits in the Philippines which are called “quarries”.It is impossible to deny the natural beauty and appealing characteristics which these different natural stones possess. However combined with their strength, durability, and density attributes is what makes it suitable commercially and residentially either for indoor and outdoor use.

Piedra China, Pan de Unan and Cobblestone were the one of the first natural stone material used in the making of roads and walkways. It is widey use as road paver many years ago, when realized that it is a perfect alternative to eliminate dirt and muddy roads and walkway. These beautiful piedra china and cobblestone were used as ship ballast on galleons traveling from China to the Philippines more than 400 years ago. Their color ranges from gray to purple and are available in inadequate quantities in random lengths and widths sized perfect for easy installation.

Century old adobe blocks and escrombo are available from different locations in the northern part of the Philippines which have been formed by natural forces during millions of years. They are obtained from quarries and were used during the Spanish era into construction of buildings. We carry these natural stone of adobe blocks and escrombo stone pavers wherein the properties makes it highly suitable for structural,and decorative applications. The availability of these stones we have on stock are naturally cut and are sizes that cannot be found in the market today.

Paving stones like batong buhay and borneo have been used for many years ago. They were used in road and walkway construction which in some cases are gaining flexibilty in time. These stones have proven its longevity, and this is what makes them such a popular building material. This is a material of durability and can withstand much traffic, wear and surface pressure, while remaining its flexibility. Our stock of batong buhay stones and borneo are individually hand crafted and still possess its worn ancient look. They are ideally use to provide a safe walking and play surface area that requires a little to no maintenance or cleaning. They are simply a natural hard-wearing stones known for its versatile, durable attributes.

The natural crystalline effect of natural stones allows creation with a decorative value. We have a variety of sizes to offer for further enhancement or into adding ‘old charm’ to a desired area. These stones can be utilized in both interior and exterior applications, some applications include driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, fireplaces and bathrooms. They are also known to provide a long term solution for anyone who wants their pavement to last for many decades and beyond.
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