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Kamagong Hand-Hewn Beams
Molave Hand-Hewn Beams
Guijo & Dau Posts
Balayong & Ipil Posts
Narig Hand-Hewn Beams
Narra Posts
Saplungan Hand-Hewn Beams
Yakal Posts
Hand hewn beams and posts are derived from timbers retrieved from buildings built at the turn of few centuries ago and is a reflection of Filipino - Spanish era. Time and weather have taken nature's roll on these timbers creating the distressed look of aged wood. This lumber generally has varying degrees of character marks such as nail holes, bolt holes color and texture variations, worm and insect tracks, mortises and slight twisting and bending are all potential features and notches from previous applications. Our collection of old wooden post and beams are high grade timbers that are remarkable for its dry, stable and dense nature. We supply hardwood beams and posts from its original rough condition with the antique patina or provide these woods with some applications from a re-sawn, hand hewn, sanded, wire brushed, or surfaced appearance to your architectural specifications.

Right now we have a very good supply of hardwood lumbers "Narra, Malatumbaga, Molave, Ipil, Balayong, Tindalo, Sakat, Saplungan, Narig [Nariq], Guijo, Yakal", in a random widths and lengths which works well for most restoration & building projects. Specific lengths or widths can also readily be obtained to suit well in any construction, renovation and restoration projects.
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